AGM in Singapore Virtual Webinar during Controlled Order

Due to COVID-19, the global world is practicing social distancing with such methods as no large gatherings to forms of travel bans in order to slow the spread of this destructive virus. Countries are recognizing these health-related effects by extending regulated mandates. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for listed companies must be held within a specific time frame in which they must inform their shareholders of the companies financial standing. For an AGM in Singapore, there is a 4-month rule from the end-of-year (December 31) that has been extended to June 30, 2020, for this very reason. However, the extension by the Singapore Exchange Regulation does not solve the issue of how to conduct these meetings given the need to practice social distancing.

The solution may be as simple as conducting a virtual webinar. Creating an AGM webinar can include not only local shareholders eager to hear of their investments but, companies can extend themselves to the other countries as well. A webinar can be conducted with a camera in different locations allowing more than one presenter of an AGM in Singapore to address shareholder concerns across the globe. This virtual webinar gives real-time feedback from participants satisfying a company’s obligation to address immediate questions or conducting any voting needs placed on the agenda.

This mandatory meeting has the advantage of online access where investors can tune in from home keeping social distancing practices intact. An AGM webinar is an advantage to a company’s financial health. By providing investors with access to CEOs, COOs, and CFOs, the decisions for the next year can be sanctioned with investor approval moving the company forward even in these times.

Conducting a virtual webinar as an AGM meeting is more personal than a letter, phone call or email. The relationship between investors and the company is strengthened for the next year’s set of goals.