Currently, as recently, more businesses embrace the virtual landscape to reach more clients, the demand for green screen studios has continued to rise over the years steadily. This means that green screen studios rental services have increased as well. Constantly, there are enterprises out there looking up a business green screen studio package to find one that suits them.

live webinar packageThe livewebinar.TV is an enterprise that strives to provide Live Webinar services in Singapore. The company has also extended its services abroad to serve countries such as China and Malaysia. It has taken to incorporating services of other web conferencing platforms such as Zoom, VHall and, IBM Cloud Video. For local live streaming services, the company uses IBM Cloud Video, while for streaming in and out of China, VHall live streaming comes to play. Here is a secure platform where customers do not have to worry about their privacy.

Different studios and live webinar services offer differing green screen video packages. Spring Forest Studio offers a variety of packages to accommodate various types of clients. The company offers various live webinar services.

VHall Live Streaming

This platform is the most prevalent for live webinar service in China.

  1. With this green screen video package, the client gets access to a private channel with no ads
  2. Real-time monitoring
  3. Premium china network
  4. Password-protected links
  5. No VPN required

IBM Cloud Video

  1. This business green screen studio package is premium. It is a private channel with no ads.
  2. It can display video slides side by side.
  3. It comes with an embedded link for security
  4. You can chat with your clients and takes polls. Also, you can create a FAQ platform for your audience.
This package has the video-on-demand feature, which allows the clients to have access to the video content without being constrained by the standards of static broadcasting programs. Zoom