Advantages of Studio Live Webinar compared to DIY Webinar Service

Professional Webinar Service: The Benefits Of Live Steaming As Opposed To The Traditional DIY Version

There is a global pandemic right now affecting everyone. The Coronavirus(COVID-19) has been impacting the world since early January-February.

That does not help those stuck in Singapore or China. People need to have open communication despite the virus. That includes everything from the business to the social aspect of things.

That being said, people in both Singapore and China are looking for alternatives. Some people have started to rely on DIY home webinar options. However, the DIY home webinar options do not always work for some people(whether stuck in China or Singapore).

That is why live webinars are becoming the go-to response for many people. The best thing about a using a live webinar platform is that they are non-commercial. People can use them to connect with others, especially in this time of need.

Why Engage Professional Live Webinars As Opposed To The DIY Alternative

1) Doing a live webinar is a great way to generate content in a time when you cannot be around the person face-to-face. Some people assume that the live webinar is nothing more than a PowerPoint thing you present to someone who has seen one a million times or more. It is so much more than that.

You will be generating real-time leads. It is great for those who use a blog every day. You might be able to use your blog right now. Using the live webinar option is a great way to convert the information you might use in your blog to a live audience.

2) Another reason why engage professional live webinars are better than the traditional DIY webinar service is the audience participation. You will have unlimited audience participation.

Think about it for a second. You might be stuck in China or Singapore right now, but your other business associates are facing the same issue where they are. You can provide a platform to company affiliates that might otherwise be engaged.

The more people you get to attend your live studio webinar, the more credible leads you generate for your company. You can get the answers right away from the people who sign on to the live feed. That is helpful especially right now.

Using the traditional DIY route, you might have to wait a prolonged period. The reason is that some DIY projects take longer than others to do. A live studio deed comes instantly.

3) Say, you decide to do the DIY option during the COVID-19 pandemic. A DIY option is not going to give you the audience branding you need. You will only have a small group of people attending(the number based on your current loyal customer base).

A studio live feed will send your brand into a sea of people you did not know existed. Say, for example, the head of finance is signed on in China for your live feed in Singapore. Did you know that others who work with the head of finance in China are also going to see the feed?

That is how powerful a live studio feed is compared to some DIY service.

4) A live studio webinar can be accomplished with the in-house hard and software you have with the business. A DIY version requires you to spend more money to make money. That is not very cost-effective. There is a psychology to operating your business.

Why would you spend hundreds of dollars talking to a doctor who you(in your heart) is not going to help? Wouldn’t you want to instead spend the money on someone who will go right to the root of the problem right away?

That is why you need to concentrate on both the core and symptoms ( at the same time). Hosting a live studio webinar is the best option, especially during this time. Your business might already be losing money because of COVID-19. The last thing you want is to lose more.

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