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Business life streaming trending in times of Covid-19

In this COVID-19 pandemic climate, many businesses are suffering not only in terms of revenue but are also severely limited in their marketing options since physical live events are prohibited by governments in their effort to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus in the community. But thanks to live streaming services, many companies can host their corporate events online and reach their target audience without hosting the physical event.

Another reason for its popularity in live streaming platforms is the fact that people are spending more time indoors to work from home and watching live streaming events using their smartphone, tablet or laptop has become a new pastime for information and entertainment purpose. Due to this new lifestyle, there are more demands than before for business owners and private individuals to use live streaming platforms for their business or private events.

Live streaming services can help companies in many ways such as hosting online business meetings, conduct online workshops or seminars, and host new product or service promotions, and broadcast to their targeted audience via the internet. Using Live streaming platforms also allow employees who are working from home to conduct a regular business meeting with their working colleagues or business client without the need to meet them personally. This in turn helps to reduce the risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus while doing their job.

From the marketing perspective, using live streaming platforms is a great way to advertise marketing events as it has the potential to reach out to more audiences online especially on social media platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live. It is also more cost-saving as compared to the traditional methods of marketing such as billboard advertisement, television or radio commercials, and roadshows.

From live webinars to multicamera webcast events, there are many options available in the market which companies can adopt and use to host their online events accordingly to their event’s requirement. While it is possible to host your event using the available live streaming software, a videocam, or smartphone. It is usually limited to small-scale private or marketing events like online birthday parties, wedding receptions, product promotion for example.

Most of the time, hosting a live streaming corporate event will require an indoor studio, stage video, and audio equipment both in hardware/software plus a group of experienced stage crew and producer to coordinate with the event organizer in planning and broadcasting the live streaming the event online to the target audience. The only exception is big events like trade conventions, town hall meetings, and AGM (Annual General Meeting) where physical venues are required to host the live streaming event instead of using an indoor studio set.

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