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A Simple Key For Zoom webinar Unveiled

Nowadays, many people have use Zoom for their online meetings or to communicate with their friends or relatives who are staying abroad. It has become popular in the market as the platform provides excellent video / audio qualities, has strong security password features, and is very user-friendly to use.

Recently, the company that invented Zoom has a new feature for their customers which is called “Zoom Video Webinar” which allows the user to broadcast their Zoom meeting from a few hundred to tens of thousands of attendees based in real-time. The catch is that these attendees only can view the broadcast Zoom webinar online and are not able to participate in the meeting. They can still use the chat functions available during the webinar to post their questions or chat with the host speakers online. Hosting Zoom video webinars also depends on the type of webinar license you have to subscribe which is usually based on the capacity of the attendees for the webinar.

There are many advantages in using Zoom Video Webinars as you can easily connect and share videos with a large group of audiences online on public or private platforms.

 Not to mention the ability to broadcast the live webinar on social media platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, or other live streaming platforms to promote your business brand to the local or global market.

Despite the advantages, the person in charge of hosting a live video webinar using the Zoom platform will need to have the necessary equipment and relevant experience to create such live streaming events. After all, Zoom is a service provider that assists the user to broadcast their live webinars using their software as the platform.

Other than that, you will need to set up a proper studio stage and use equipment like stage lighting, camera, and microphones to broadcast the video content during the webinar, green screen for virtual background and the list go on. Although the Zoom video webinar platform has certain features to edit and touch upon the virtual background, noise and light control functions, and other related functions available for you to plan the video webinar. It may not be sufficient enough if you have the intention to use the live webinar for marketing reasons.

Based on my personal experience in hosting live webinar events for my company. Zoom video webinars are very useful if you use them to conduct online seminars or workshops for your company’s internal purpose. For large-scale commercial or marketing events, the Zoom video webinar is a great platform to broadcast to the target audience provided you have the expertise and a studio stage to host the webinar event.

If not, I will strongly recommend hiring a professional video studio house to assist you in creating live webinar events as these professionals will have the capability to take care of any technical issues during the live webinar event and help you to achieve your business target.