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3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Live Streaming Your Business

Businesses today are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow. Since the emergence of social media platforms, one opportunity that is frequently talked about is live streaming your business activities. Live streaming is a great way to build a loyal following, make a big impact and increase your sales.

It’s been well documented those sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube have been making it easier for users to share live videos to their networks. This has meant that more people are watching live videos than ever before! In fact, just last year, users watched 500 million hours of Live Videos. That’s almost an hour for every person on the planet! Now think about how many businesses you know who have branched out into social media, you’ll be able to count them on one hand right? This means only a small number of businesses are using this incredible platform to let all their customers know what they’re up to, which means there’s a huge opportunity for you!

You might be wondering if you should join or not and if so, how you can start?

Here are three reasons why you need to start live streaming your business and why now is the perfect time to start.

1) Live Streaming Highlights Your Product Benefits in Real-Time

Products don’t always look good on paper or in digital photos. People need to feel them, see them move around and test them out themselves to understand how they work. It’s best to have a live demo if you can, but even pictures won’t always be enough for some people. People want to see real-life demonstrations that highlight how the product works. They also want ideas on where they can use it besides just at home.

2) You’ll make an impressive first impression with customers

According to research, there are three key factors that influence whether or not a potential customer decides to do business with you: Brains (33%), Trust (32%) and Impulse (35%). This is why it’s so important for you to be seen as someone who is trustworthy and reliable in everything that you do. By streaming various activities in your business, such as how-to videos or live sessions, people will get a real insight into what it feels like when they buy from the box. They’ll be able to see you interacting with staff members and customers, about your personal story and seeing what you do behind the scenes. This goes a long way to building relationships and trust, which is essential when it comes to closing sales.

Whether it’s a webinar for lead generation, a product demonstration, or an interactive seminar, live streaming has proven to generate results by driving action among viewers who wouldn’t normally be exposed to your brand or product if not for live video. This way you are reaching out at all times when people are looking for information on what you have to offer.

3) You’ll boost your conversion rate and make more money

Whilst we’ve already mentioned live streaming can help build your social media following, there’s another important aspect of this that needs some attention: Live chat. By turning on live chat for viewers as an option, potential customers will be able to interact with you directly via their phone or computer. This means they can ask questions and get instant answers about products and services, helping them along the buyer journey and leading to conversions. As people are more likely to buy when they’re watching things live, you can work on closing sales and pitching your products using the tips in our guide here.

So, there you have it! Three great reasons why now is the perfect time for you to start streaming your business live. If you’re looking to make a powerful impression on your audience, 3d virtual studio live streaming is the way to go. With this technology, you can create one-of-a-kind content with high production values that will be unforgettable. This means more engagement and conversions for your brand! Contact us today if you want help making an impactful first impression with 3d virtual studio live streaming.