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10 Tips for Using Live Streaming to Grow Your Business

Live video streaming is becoming one of the best ways to engage potential customers while promoting your business. It has already created a huge impact on social media and many brands are using it to build their audience, increase sales and re-engage with existing customers. And because live streaming encourages interaction, you can get valuable feedback from your viewers while watching them experience your products or services in real-time.

Here are 10 live streaming tips for growing your business:

1) Be Social

Today’s world is all about being social — at least if you want to run a successful business. How else will people know who you are, what you do and what value you offer? Brand awareness goes way beyond paid advertisements; it has become about engaging with people on social media, building relationships and growing your base. And because live streaming is all about real-time interactions, it actually strengthens these relationships by allowing you to directly interact with your audience. When it comes to marketing yourself on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, nothing beats face to face interaction.

2) Build Trust

It’s important for people to trust you so they’ll open up their wallets when buying from you. People can’t get a feel for this through simple static images or written descriptions of your product or service so being able to show them in action will build trust much faster than plain text ever could. Live streaming allows you to do just that — while also allowing viewers the chance to ask questions and give feedback in real-time. This could be a priceless opportunity to engage with your potential customers and strengthen the relationship you already have with your current ones.

3) Go Live Regularly

The more often you go live, the more opportunities people will get to know and trust you. Going live regularly also lets them know when they should tune in next time and gives them something to look forward to. Too many brands rely too heavily on ads and pushy sales messages; it’s much better for your business if all this stuff can be done organically — through social media or word of mouth endorsements from satisfied customers. Your live streaming should reflect that philosophy since it actually emulates real-world interaction instead of advertising campaigns. People need to feel included in order to buy into whatever “brand” you’re selling.

4) Be Consistent

It’s important to be consistent with the content you produce, especially when it comes to live streaming. If your viewers know what to expect when they tune in, there is a much greater chance they will stick around and come back for more. And if you can’t do this regularly — at least not without adding too much stress to your daily routine — doing it on special occasions will still get people interested in what you have to offer or accomplish. This could be an exclusive sneak peek at a new product release, a live question and answer session, an educational seminar or any other engaging event that catches fans’ attention. They’ll keep coming back for more if you know how to connect with them.

5) Give Fans Free Stuff

Having people watch your live stream is not enough; you also need to “entice” them into taking action. If all they do is sit and stare, it’s no different than them watching static ads. You don’t want this to happen so give your fans something in exchange for their time. This could be exclusive content, coupons or deals only available during the broadcast, giveaways of stuff that relates to your business — even free samples if you’re selling food-related products. The more valuable this stuff is, the bigger the audience you can attract.

6) Be Careful What You Broadcast

Live videos tend to be much more engaging than ordinary posts because they are in real-time – which means the content and messaging need to be much more refined. The age-old saying, “less is more” applies here because you don’t want your broadcast to turn off viewers before it starts. Keep the hype down to a minimum and focus on delivering the best value instead.

7) Maintain Quality

As with all types of content produced for social media, going live requires a certain level of quality control. People expect this from professionals so if you’re going to do it at home or in a small studio environment, make sure everything looks good — audio, lighting, temperature and even background noise. Try using a camera that can also record video for higher production values. Your audience will notice these things so try not to slack on any aspect of the broadcast; it’ll only result in negative comments and poor ratings.

8) Use Graphics & Video Effects

People usually go live while they’re on the move, doing something interesting or just chillin’ at home. If you want to increase viewership, integrate graphics that illustrate what the person is saying through text, lower thirds, split screens or even 3D augmented reality. You can also use animated elements or video effects to give your stream a more dynamic feel. The key here is to appeal to viewers who are watching from work or somewhere else where they can’t hear anything so these visual cues become vital for keeping them interested.

9) Be Creative

The best way to hook people into watching your live broadcasts is by offering compelling content that simply cannot be seen anywhere else. People are busy and they like to multi-task, so give them a reason to stop what they’re doing and watch you instead. This could be anything from using green screens, a 3D studio set or other production tricks, to incorporating special guests into your broadcasts. It’s actually the same advice people use to create “viral” videos; you just need to adapt it for live streaming.

10) Build Your Brand Using Live Streaming

Most importantly, live streaming has one primary goal: build brand equity (or awareness). Yes, there is still some type of engagement happening — comments, likes, shares — but these should only serve as secondary benefits attached to the main outcome that should drive everything else: increasing revenue. If people don’t see how watching your streams will contribute to their lives, they won’t spend the time watching them. If you can show a direct connection between what you offer and why it benefits people, then your efforts will be rewarded with more engagement from an ever-growing audience.

Now that you know the basics of live streaming, it’s time to start planning your first broadcast. Keep in mind the things we’ve talked about and try to be as creative as possible while still delivering quality content. Remember, people are busy and they like to multi-task, so give them a reason to stop what they’re doing and watch you instead. If you can show a direct connection between what you offer and why it benefits people, then your efforts will be rewarded with more engagement from an ever-growing audience.

If you’re looking to make a powerful impression on your audience, 3d virtual studio live streaming is the way to go. With this technology, you can create one-of-a-kind content with high production values that will be unforgettable. This means more engagement and conversions for your brand! Contact us today if you want help making an impactful first impression with 3d virtual studio live streaming. Thanks for reading!