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3D Virtual Studio Production Services by Spring Forest Studio

In this digital era, many broadcasting studios and movie productions around the world are adopting new technologies to get more viewership to promote their brand and eventually get more business such as advertisements, sponsorships, or other related business collaborations.

From News broadcasts, movies to TV variety shows, it is common to see the host of actors interacting with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) graphics and animations that merge with the actual or 3D virtual background all in real-time. While it is fascinating to watch and enjoy the show. The actual production is usually quite costly and takes a lot of time, coordination, expertise, manpower, and specific equipment both hardware and software to create one.

What is a 3D Virtual Studio?

A 3D Virtual Studio is a studio set that uses cameras and audio equipment to do the recording for actors that is set in a themed environment but with green background.
This is so the graphic designers, animation experts, and other professionals can do the CGI graphic programming and created a virtual environment in three-dimensional format. By using the 4K cameras to do the navigation in 3D virtual space, it helps to render the image of the virtual camera at the same angle to merge real people to the virtual environment all at the same time.

Although it is not necessary to do post-production in a 3D virtual set, the most professional studio will recommend their client to do at least a trial run before the actual event to avoid any last-minute changes during the virtual show. Due to the high demands and requirements to produce a 3D Virtual show or event, it is not surprising that the client will spend quite a lump sum of money for its production.

In Singapore alone, there are not many professional studio houses that can assist their client to produce a 3D virtual studio set. But for Spring Forest Studio, we not only have the necessary equipment both hardware and software, but we also have the technical expertise and working experience to assist our clients in their request to produce a 3D Virtual studio show that can be stream in real-time.

Spring Forest Studio is also the only production house in Singapore that produces 3D Virtual Studio Set webinar which is cost-effective to our clients. Using our newly furnish studio set that easily caters to your request, we can do the actual production in our office area instead of renting other studio space for the production.

Last but not least, we will work with you along the process and help you step by step to create the most suitable virtual platform that caters to your requirements the moment you enter our in-house studio in Singapore.

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