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Benefits of Virtual Set Recording

Utilizing Virtual Sets: A Studio Technology

The new rush to virtual production is partly related to the pandemic, according to many. The abrupt move to remote employment necessitated devising a new method of completing tasks quickly. To work with new technologies, teams had to adapt their creative processes and pipelines.

However, virtual production entails more than just connecting via the internet. It has unearthed a number of benefits that enable studios to develop bigger, innovate more, and produce high-quality outcomes sooner in the process.

A suite of software tools is used in virtual production to allow studios to combine live-action footage and computer graphics in real-time. While cast members are physically working on set, contributors from multiple locations can create and render digital environments.

Virtual production differs from traditional filming in that it eliminates all artistic restrictions, allowing us to shoot almost any place in the globe or virtually anywhere else! It works by projecting a 3D virtual environment created with game engines like Unreal Engine via an LED Volume. The camera operator may then capture the virtual environment in the background, as well as genuine items from the foreground, all within the camera in such a way that it is impossible to tell where reality ends and virtuality starts.

In comparison to a traditional studio set, which is frequently more time-consuming and expensive. As described below, the virtual studio set has additional advantages and benefits.

  • Cost-effective – One of the most significant advantages of taking a production virtual is that it is cost-effective. Producers can eliminate the need for travel by being able to capture any location in a studio setting. Furthermore, because everything takes place in a controlled environment, the crew saves time by not having to account for changes in lighting, inclement weather, or any other external factor that may impact a shoot.
  • Creativeness – Virtual production enables creatives to develop their vision more quickly. By visualizing shots and environments before anyone steps foot on set, allows for more exploration. Iterating on their vision allows studios to bring people together to create something extraordinary. However, with virtual production, everyone may have a better grasp of the entire process, from previse through the post. Creative boundaries are arguably the most significant advantage of virtual production. It enables us to completely customize a set and even create environments that do not yet exist.

  • Enhanced Visibility – In contrast to shooting with a green screen, the effects in a mixed reality production are captured in real-time and do not need to be created during the editing process, making it the most efficient form of production. Virtual cameras and green screen live compositing provide contributors with a window into virtual worlds, allowing them to see exactly what they are capturing.
  • Time – Using a virtual environment, teams can shift from one scene to the next without interrupting production. It’s all happening in one location! Filmmakers can quickly replace digital elements, allowing them to shoot many scenes with the same actors. Furthermore, in a virtual environment, the filmmaker has complete control over the weather, time of day, lighting, object placement, and more. These circumstances are immediately available and can be replicated at any time. Later edits and changes may be made, ensuring that the best choices can be made while actors are still on set. This results in fewer retakes and less rework.

  • Better for Health – It’s also worth noting that virtual productions are a safer way to shoot because they require fewer crew members and take place in controlled environments. Given recent events, it’s critical to have a way to continue production during times of pandemic, such as we’ve seen this year with COVID-19.

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