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Not Known Details About Green Screen Studio Singapore

Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic that started in late 2019, there are studies and statistics to prove that more companies are using Live streaming events to host their business seminars or conferences or marketing events to promote their business branding and work communication. 

Especially in the entertainment industry where viewers can watch movies, dramas and variety show that comes with stunning 3D virtual effects in the background and hosted by real actors. While it is common knowledge that all these virtual or CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) effects are done using green screen studio to set up the production.

Most people do not understand the process and the mechanics behind the stage production and how the professionals work to create video content for movies, TV shows, or any live streaming events. Thus, it is good to share some information on how the green screen is utilized in film production and live streaming events.    

Since the early 1900s, most movie producers will use the blue screen for the background effect instead of the green color as it works better in celluloid films. But with the improvement of technology, the green screen has gradually replaced the blue screen in the studio background as it is deemed to be more suitable for digital filmmaking and easier for animation experts to create virtual and 3D images and videos to replace the green screen. This technique is also known as “chroma Key” where two video streams or images are layered together to create the virtual background in the video content.

There are many advantages in using green screen studio as you can decide on what kind of background images to display behind the actors or use as foreground and create a realistic effect. Green screen studio is commonly used in movie production, TV variety shows, news broadcast, and other indoor live streaming events to engage the viewers with special effects. 

Using green screen studio for video content also saves companies a lot of time and money as the producer does not need to set the production in the actual environment or to deal with uncertainties such as bad weather, traffic situation, and other unforeseen situations that will affect their filming production. All they need is an indoor studio stage with green screen background and the video crew can start their filming anytime.

With the current lockdown and strict government policy in live events and international travel due to COVID-19 in Singapore. There is a huge demand for live streaming services where many local business owners and individuals need to hire professionals in videography to assist them in creating live streaming video content with virtual graphical effects. This in turn also led to an increase in the renting of green screen studios offer by companies that have the proper equipment in the studio set available for rental. 

There are also video studio companies that specialize in live streaming services and indoor green screen studio set to assist their clients to create live streaming events like live webinars, news broadcasting, and other live streaming video content that comes with special CGI effects. One of them is called Spring Forest Studio and you can contact them to assist you.