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3D Studio Live webinar for Dummies

Nowadays, it is common for companies to host their business conference using various online tools to discuss work matters with their peers or clients. Popular communication platforms like Zoom and Skype are useful for conducting online meetings as all you need is a laptop or smartphone and log in to the invited link to start your meeting.

But there are situations where companies will need a bigger platform to host their conference to interact with a bigger group of participants and this is where live webinar comes in. Before I explain further the concepts of 3D studio live webinar, it is important to know the basics of what live webinar is, the benefits of using one, and how professionals use the 3D studio to enhance the video content of a Live webinar event using 3D virtual effects in the background.

By definition, a Live webinar is an online conference that is hosted in real-time to allow the host speaker to do the presentation, engage and interact with the invited participants without the need to see one another physically. It allows the participants to ask questions, discuss various topics and get the relevant information with ease.

There are many advantages for companies to host live webinars as they can easily attract new clients by promoting their products or services online, promote brand awareness. Unlike Zoom or Skype, Live webinars can host up to a few hundred attendees in a single event which is very useful for the internal purpose such as training workshop to upgrade their employee’s skillset or conduct broad meetings with their peers who are working overseas and not available to travel back to the company for business meetings.

Especially in this COVID-19 pandemic situation where international travel and social gathering are severely restricted by governments. Online Platforms like live webinars will be very useful and even essential for companies to conduct their daily business and communicate with their clients or co-workers.

For companies who have the budget and purpose to promote their Live webinar events for marketing reasons. Professional video studio agencies like Spring Forest Studio in Singapore will recommend their clients to use their 3D Virtual studio set to produce live webinar events. The reason so is the fact that producers can integrate the real people in the studio stage to host their presentation using a green screen as the stage background to create 3D and CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) effects in the background.

Using 3D Virtual studio for live webinar events helps companies to increase their event’s viewership and enhance their visual experience using 3D virtual effects during the live event.

 It also helps to promote and market their brand using live streaming platforms and is cost and time effective as compared to normal sales channels like roadshows or trade conventions.

If you are looking for a professional video studio house that has the experience and expertise to help you in creating 3D live webinar events. Give Spring Forest Studio a call and we will be glad to assist you.