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A Simple Key For Green screen studio Singapore Unveiled

The purpose and popularity of using Green screen studio have a long history in the creation of special 3D and CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) background effects which we have seen in those popular blockbuster movies like the “Matrix”, “Lord of the Ring” and “Avatar”. Without a green screen studio, it is almost impossible for visual effect artists and animators to work on their task to create those amazing and authentic images and graphics that make it so realistic in the movies.

Although the technique and purpose of using Green screen have a long history in movie making. It has become more useful and commonly used when movie producers start using digital technology for filmmaking in the 1990s.

A simple definition of a Green screen is that it is a visual effects technique also known VFX technique where two images or video streams are layered and composited together to edit the green screen and created the CGI or background footage which is called “plates”.

To explain further, green screen applications will get the performers or actors to act and film in a green screen studio environment first during the postproduction which the visual effect artist will use a specialized program to visually cut out the actors in the green screen background and superimposed the artificial images or video backgrounds and merge the actors in it. The logic behind this technique is because that the green color is bright and luminous enough for the computer software to differentiate between the background and the real actors so the CGI specialist can do the necessary editing to create the virtual background with actors in it.

With the improvement in digital technology, the purpose of green screen studio is becoming more useful and demanding as companies and broadcasting stations have found creative ways to use the green screen to broadcast their news, variety shows, or commercials that come with virtual effects. Not to mention that it is still a cheaper option as compared to other digital technology that can do the same visual effect as green screen nowadays. 

In Singapore, there are many professional video studio companies that have indoor green screen studio facilities to assist their client in hosting live streaming events such as business webinars, talk shows, news broadcasts, music videos, and other events depending on the client’s requirement. 

While these video studio companies in Singapore have the necessary equipment and expertise. It is equally important to factor in the working experience and the company’s portfolio if you plan to hire one for your live streaming events. 

In Spring Forest Studio, we have served and assist our clients in their video projects and live streaming events since 2017. With our experience in Green screen technology, you can be assured that we can create the most stunning visual effect for your video content and live streaming events. Call us to book an appointment today.