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Live Streaming Studio for Dummies.

Honestly speaking, the only reason why I write this article is to help those business owners or individuals who have seen online events that are live stream on their TV or popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. But do not really understand how the process and how such Live streaming events are produced in the backstage environment.

By writing this article, I do sincerely hope that you will at least get a basic understanding of the process of Live Streaming and how to stage production process works in order to produce these live streaming events which take many man-hours and time to create.

Let’s get to the basics of what is Live streaming.

A simple explanation is that Live streaming is when a video is recorded in actual time in a video studio or an venue and is transmitted to the internet in real-time. Some of the good examples are the daily news broadcast, Live video game streams, marketing videos that are promoting products on Facebook, and weekend church events. 

Live streaming is also called live stream broadcast which the event links from one source to multiple connections to reach out to the mass audience which can go in thousands or even millions via the internet grid. This is also why common videoconferencing tools like FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp video, and Skype do not call Live streaming as it depends on RTC (Real-time communication) protocols instead of one to many broadcasts in live streaming events.

Also comparing to a regular movie that is pre-recorded or “streaming” in technical terms, those host speakers do not have the luxury to make any mistakes in their speech and also apply to the performers in their choreography for these events since the event is transmitted in real-time the moment it starts live streaming.   

When it comes to the Live streaming studio production, it is very technical in detail and most beginners will not really the production process unless they are trained in this field.

So instead, I will explain the overall process in simplified terms to make it easier to understand.

First of all, when the client approaches a professional video studio production house to assist them in creating a live streaming event. The producer will have a detailed meeting with the client to understand their requirements for the online event and recommend the types of live streaming platforms that are suitable for their events. 

After the initial meeting with the client is over, the client will have a basic understanding of how the event is produced and how much it will cost them. The studio producer will work with his or her studio crews to plan the production process on how the event is going to be a live stream and discuss various issues such as whether the event location is indoors or outdoors, any CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery), or using 3D effects are involved, other technical and co-ordination issues to execute during the live streaming event and so on.

To get a better picture of the Live Streaming production, you can refer to this link for more information. In conclusion, Live streaming is a technology that specializes in online communication which is constantly evolving to meet the market demands especially in the recent COVID-19 pandemic global situation where more business owners around the world depend on online communication for their business operations.