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Green Screen Studio Rental Singapore for event Live Streaming.

With the improvement of digital technology in the media and entertainment industry, it is not surprising that many events or media companies and movie producers are willing to invest more in virtual studios to capture their audience’s attention and compete for a better market share.

A simple explanation of green screen is that it is usually made of nylon spandex which is stretchable and has a length of 300cm to more than 1 meter depending on the requirements. You can also buy it in various sizes and customized according to your studio needs and usually cost less than a thousand dollars in the market.

The main purpose of using a green screen is to allow the actors or speakers to act in front of the green screen that will display the desired background virtually. Popular examples are weather broadcasters showing the virtual map of his or their country and explain the weather situation or movie actors acting in the sci-fi movies like “Matrix” and “Transformers”.

Of course, just with a green screen alone is not enough to produce a video with 3D or virtual effects as you will need proper lighting equipment, a professional camera, audio microphone, and software experts that can assist you to do the programming to replace the green screen with the CGI or other effects.

This is also the reason why most companies in Singapore or other countries prefer to rent the green screen studio that comes with the option to hire a professional crew of cameramen, CGI graphic expert, experienced producers, and so on.

Although there are many options and venues to rent a green screen studio for your Live streaming event, there are also many factors to consider such as your investment budget, the type of live streaming event you are doing, do your team has the necessary equipment both hardware and software to produce the virtual event and live stream it.

For many years, Spring Forest Studio has provided our clients with in-house studio services which not only included the sub-rental of green screen studio for private or corporate live streaming services. We also guide them throughout the process step by step to ensure the live streaming event is not only successful but cost-effective and efficient.

Using our 400 Square feet of space that is well furnished with the necessary amenities, the studio can easily accommodate any variant meeting and we gladly assist our clients to understand their requirements and budget and catered to their needs accordingly.

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