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Examine This Report On green screen studio Singapore

Nowadays, whenever we watch a science fiction movie, news broadcast, or variety shows. We can often amaze by the stunning 3D virtual effects in the background which is so realistic that it is hard to imagine that digital technology can create all these special effects.

The technique to create is using Green screen studio that is using the chromakey technology to superimpose objects and real actors onto the virtual backgrounds. This means the visual effects specialist can use their creativity and create any virtual or 3D scenarios during the process while the performers or actors will act their role in the green screen studio environment.

Although Green screen chromakey technology is still common in the production of movies, variety shows, news broadcasts, and live streaming events. There are new technologies emerging in the market that can render this technology to be obsolete in a matter of time.

Fortunately, these new technologies like the LED walls and in-camera VFX are still in the experimenting stage and it is quite costly for most video studios companies to purchase.

 Not to mention that the client will also need to incur additional cost to create the same virtual video contents and images in the studio background as compared to using green screen technology.

Thus, most video production studio houses still prefer to use the Green screen technology due to many advantages as list below.

Number One – In a green screen studio, the producer can use the digital background to set up and produce a professional-looking background for the video contents that make the live streaming event to be more engaging and interactive with the target audience.

Number Two – Using Green screen videos helps to promote and increase the company’s branding since there are many ways to attract the viewers with the stunning visuals and 3D effects in the virtual background which can be easily created using the Green screen chromakey technology.   

Number Three – The main benefit of a Green screen studio is that the production can be done in an indoor environment instead of outdoor which ensures that the videographers and the production crew can work on their task without any concern for the weather conditions.

Number Four – Using Green screen technology also helps to save costs on flights and renting locations since the actors can do their actions in any locations that are created using the virtual background.

Number Five – With improvement in video editing software and green screen technology, it is more affordable now to rent a green screen studio and hired professionals to produce any movies, shows, or live streaming events and helps to reduce the production budget since the producers do not need to travel to a various location or renting venues for filmmaking or event hosting.