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The Greenscreen services Diaries

Before I continue, it is useful to highlight that this article is talking about what is green screen and its function in the videography studio which I feel is good to share with people who are reading this article.

First of all, a Green screen is primarily used and set as the background in all the animations, CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), background footage aka Plates, and virtual effects which you normally see in the movies, variety shows, and news broadcast. While some studios may use the Blue screen as the alternative, the green screen is more popular than the latter for many reasons.

Simply explain, Green screens or blue screens are mainly used as the background setting in chroma key videography or photography with the sole purpose to replace the normal wall background which is behind a real actor or objects in the studio.
By doing so, it is easier for the animator or graphic specialist to input the virtual
or CGI videos or animations on the green screen background during the filming.

The main reason for using the green screen as the background is simply the fact it is much easier to separate the background from a human subject or object and replace it with digital background during the production. This means that the specialist in charge will use the chroma key technique to single out the selected color which is usually green and remove it digitally by making it transparent. After that, he or she will input another video or image as the replacement and merged two images from both the digital background to the actors and furniture objects.

One thing to note that is production involves the usage of 3D animations or graphics effects, especially in a 3D virtual studio. The producers have more options to create more special effects like weather elements or even complex moving shots. The movie “Lord of the Rings” and “Matrix” is a great example of using 3D virtual studios and chroma keying effects.

With the improvement of technology, the green screen is more widely used than before. From the making of video games that involve real person for animations effect to bloggers who wish to change their home or office environment to the digital background for online marketing reasons. Even changing the background during Zoom conference is possible with the additional function of chroma keying but usually works best with a green screen to set as the background.

If you have the need to produce any events or videos that require a complex process in animation, 3D effects that require green screen background in a proper studio in Singapore. Call Spring Forest Studio today and to see how we can assist you with your event’s need.