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How to use 3D Virtual Studio for Webinars, Virtual Trainings, and Brown Bag Meetings with Guest Speakers.

With the current coronavirus pandemic situation ongoing, it is not surprising that more companies in Singapore and around the world are depending on digital communication for their business conference, marketing trade shows, and other related events. This is also the main reason why live streaming platforms are so demanding nowadays and video studio houses are booming with business from the oncoming demands. 

From Live webinars, virtual training workshops to “brown bag” meetings with important guest speakers, it is certain that live streaming platforms will be the future trend in business communication in the future.

Since 2010, live streaming platforms are becoming so popular that even educational institutes, gym studios, and music schools are conducting online lessons due to the recent government restrictions on social gathering policy. The good news out of this situation is that there are more options nowadays to host online events that come with stunning 3D or virtual effects during the broadcast and it is done by using a 3D virtual studio as the venue to stage the production.

3D Virtual studio set is an interactive television studio which allows real actors or host speakers and other physical objects which is usually the standard furniture sets like desk and chair whereas the background in the studio set will be covered in green screen to allow the animators and graphic designers to change the green screen background and replaced with CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) or 3D effects to allow the host speakers to conduct their presentation in the computer-generated and three-dimensional environment or actors to do their performance in the virtual environment.

During the live production in a 3D Virtual studio, the cameraman will use their 4K/8K stage camera to do the navigation in 3D space while rendering the image of the virtual camera at the same angle at the same time. By using this technique, most if not all the live streaming events set in a 3D Virtual studio do not need post-production since the process to create the virtual effects in the background can be done in real-time by the graphic specialist during the live event

Whether you are hosting Live webinars, Virtual training workshops, news conferences, or “brown bag” events. You will have the additional choice to conduct these live streaming events using the 3D Virtual studio set production but do take note that it will cost you more than usual production of a live streaming event due to the additional manpower, higher skill set, and time required to create a three-dimensional virtual studio environment based in real-time. 

If you are interested to create a unique and different experience for your business using 3D virtual studio set production, give Spring Forest Studio a call and we will be glad to assist you.