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The 5-Second Trick for Live streaming studio

This article is referring to how a live streaming studio can help companies and individuals in hosting live streaming events using the available studio equipment like 4K/8K camera, professional grade microphones, video mixer server and a team of IT and visual effect specialist to assist in the stage production. These professional video studio companies also provide experience event producer who can guide to the enlist actors, performers or host speaker on how to do perform or do their presentations in the virtual studio stage to get the best angle in videography during the live streaming event.

Although people can host their live streaming events using the videocams, smartphones in an indoor environment plus an online platform to host their live streaming event. Which is how Vloggers usually when they host their talk shows or product promotion in the social media platforms like YouTube Live, Tik Tok and Facebook Live.

There are many still many technical limitations in these DIY live streaming projects in terms of video content and audio quality that cannot replace what a live streaming studio can do.

While it is agreeable that hiring a professional video studio company will cost more than hosting the live streaming event by yourself. There are also many advantages in hiring professionals to handle and host your live streaming events. Especially for corporate events like business seminars, tradeshows, business conference and so on.

These types of big events are more demanding as the target group of audience are different in prospective as compared to the general public who are watching their favorite live streaming videos in the social media platforms. This is because these types of corporate live streaming events will either create a positive or negative impact based on the viewership ratings and this is why most event planners are very particular on the quality of the audio and video content during the live broadcasting.

Speaking from my working experience as a event planner, I will said that most of the video studio companies I have work with are very experienced in their field of work and can coordinate well enough for me to execute my plans during the production of the live streaming event. 

As for the production fee, it all depends on several factors like what kind of live streaming services required for the event, the duration of the event, whether is the event host in an indoor studio set or other venues that is usually for hybrid events, additional manpower cost like hiring of professional event speakers or actors for the event and other related factors.

Thus, it is very important to have a detail discussion with the sales representative of the video studio company to understand the cost of the production fee and whether they can assist you to host the live streaming event of your requirement.

If you ever need a professional video studio company to assist you in hosting a Live streaming event in Singapore. 

You can contact Spring Forest Studio to assist you in setting up the live streaming events based on your event’s requirements.