You are currently viewing Live Webinar Services in Singapore enhances with the use of 3D Virtual Studio Production Set.
Live Webinar Services in Singapore enhances with the use of 3D Virtual Studio Production Set.

Live Webinar Services in Singapore enhances with the use of 3D Virtual Studio Production Set.

A webinar is a seminar that is presented online instead of using a venue to conduct meetings or other presentations from the host speaker to the invited participants.
The speaker will use the PowerPoint slides placing in front of the participants and present their slides and give speeches, answering Q&A to engage the audience and get feedback or other related queries to the topic.

As for Online webinars, the concept is the same as webinars but the presentation will be held on the web channels and live stream to the invited participants. This means that the speaker will use their PowerPoint slides and upload them on the web and the audience can use the audio phone or live chat functions to interact with the speaker.

The main benefit of using a live webinar to conduct the seminar is that the speaker can host his or her presentations across the globe using the internet and the invited participants can log in to the presentation using their laptops or mobile devices anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

To the event company that hosts the online webinar, this not only saves time and money but also boosts their branding in technology innovation which is the current trend nowadays.

While most companies are satisfied with the convenience and feasibility of using online webinars, some will take a step further to invest more in the live webinar events by creating the live webinar platform using 3D Virtual studio production.
This is because certain event needs more than a live webinar concept to engage their audience and maintain their enthusiasm during the event.
To understand more about 3D Virtual studio production and its services, you can refer to this link to get a better understanding of how it works and the benefits of using it.

When a live webinar is created in a 3D virtual studio environment, it will be called Interactive Live Audience Webinar or Virtual Live Audience. The reason for changing the term “Live Webinar” to “Interactive Live Audience Webinar” is that the latter involves more process in programming plus more time and manpower involved during the production. Also, the main difference between a Live Webinar and Interactive Live Audience Webinar is that fact that a Live Webinar event usually involves the speaker interacting with their online participants on one basis during the Q&A sessions but allows other participants to type their comments or feedback on the live chat box that will appear on the webinar screen for all to see.

In Interactive Live Audience Webinar, the participants can all participate together during the sessions like online voting and they can also see each other easily via the virtual screen that is usually behind the speaker or around him or her, depending on the theme. Not to mention the CGI effects and animations using the 3D virtual studio set to make the webinar to be more interactive, engaging, and interesting as compared to a stand online webinar.

In Singapore alone, there are more and more companies demanding this kind of service and Spring Forest Studio is one of the few Professional video agencies in Singapore that has the facilities, experience, and technology to assist your company in creating Live webinars in 3D virtual studio environment.

Book a meeting with us and find out what Spring Forest Studio can do to achieve your objective and cater to your Live Webinar requirements.