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Using Live Streaming for Sales & Marketing for Events.

When it comes to doing sales & marketing events, marketers or business owners can use several tactics and strategies to advertise and promote their products or service to reach the mass consumer market and appeal to potential customers. But with strong competitions and the current COVID-19 situation that has restricted on physical events like roadshow and trade conventions. Even doing door to door sales or billboard advertisements are considered to be outdated in today’s standards when consumers can easily use the search engine to purchase what they want.

 Other than doing digital marketing to promote your company’s brand online, most companies have started to host live streaming marketing events using social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn Live, and Facebook Live to promote their services or products online.

As a matter of fact, the live video strategy is several advantages as it can easily engage viewers online and can reach a broader group of potential buyers since all they need is to use their smartphone and view the live streaming event using their favorite social media platforms.

 This is also the reason for recent studies that show marketers and business owners has invested more than 30% of their marketing budget annually to either host live streaming events by themselves or hired professional video studio agencies to set up live streaming events for marketing reasons.  

This is also due to the fact that recent studies and statistics report has shown that in the next four to five years from now. There will be more than fifty percent of the population in developing countries will utilize live streaming platforms in their daily lifestyle regardless of their work, business, education, and entertainment purpose.

Just for the purpose in sales & marketing alone, live streaming by itself has the capability and advantages to increase the viewership in an online event that is attended by hundreds or even millions of people all over the world as there is no physical boundaries in the digital world and all you need is a laptop or mobile devices with a stable internet connection to view the event in real-time.

Such marketing events can range from new product launches, fashion shows, an exclusive release for new video games or movies and the list goes on.

While it is possible to DIY and host your own sales event online, there are instances for some live streaming events where you need to hire a professional video studio house like Spring Forest Studio in Singapore to assist you in setting up marketing events online.

To know more on how live streaming events can help to promote your business or increase branding awareness, give Spring Forest Studiocall and we will be glad to assist you with our live streaming services.