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The Ultimate Guide To Hybrid event company

Nowadays, many companies and business owners have pivoted to live streaming platforms for their business and marketing events. This is largely due to the current COVID-19 restriction by the government in hosting the physical live events in which the invited attendees are limited to a certain number in the event venue.

Although most of the business live streaming events can be done virtually in an indoor studio set, there are certain business events such as Townhall meetings, AGM (Annual General Meeting), Trade Conventions that are not suitable to host in the studio environment and will still require the physical venue. This is where Hybrid event companies come in to assist companies in setting up the live streaming platform in the actual location.

In short, a hybrid event is a mixture of virtual and live events where hybrid event companies like Spring Forest Studio in Singapore are hired to set up their stage equipment with the purpose to live stream the event and broadcast to the online audience in the actual location.

As compared to a normal live streaming event, a hybrid event is more time-consuming as there are rehearsals for the host speakers or performers to practice on the stage, coordination with the stage crew in technical matters, working with the event planners on the schedule, and so on. This is also the reason why hybrid events are more costly than a virtual live streaming event due to the additional manpower, delivery of stage equipment, and time to create and host a hybrid event.

But if compared to a physical live event, the cost of a Hybrid event is much lower as the hosting company does not need to spend additional money in the terms of flight tickets and hotel accommodation for invited attendees or panelists who are staying overseas. This includes other logistics and miscellaneous expenses incurred during the actual live event.

On the other hand, a professional hybrid event company needs to handle their client’s hybrid event well enough and prepare for any unforeseen situation that might occur during the broadcast. From technical issues like an internet disruption in the connection to human error during the event. 

An experience hybrid event stage crew and producers will devise backup plans to handle these situations in order to control the situation and ensure the event is successful. 

But all this preparation for a hybrid event company will take years of working experience and the expertise of the stage crews to coordinate well with the event planners to ensure the event went smoothly without any issue. Thus, it is always challenging for companies in Singapore to find and hire professional video studio houses that are experienced in Hybrid events as most of them will not know what is the qualified critique during their search.

In my years of experience as an event planner, I will personally recommend Spring Forest Studio in Singapore as not only they have relevant working experience in hybrid events. They also invested and purchase equipment of the latest technology for videography and live streaming services

To know more about how Spring Forest Studio can help you in creating live streaming events for corporate or personal reasons. Give Spring Forest Studio a call and they will be glad to assist you with your event needs.