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Indicators On hybrid event company You Should Know

This article is related to how to choose a suitable company for your host hybrid events which is based on my years of working experience as an event planner. Especially in Singapore where you can find many video studio agencies who are eager to get your business to host live streaming hybrid events.

When sourcing for a suitable hybrid event company that has the capabilities and resources in hosting a hybrid event. It is important to have a good understanding of their company’s portfolio and their background before you decided to engage their services. Factors like how do they manage to attract well-known companies to use their live streaming services, how do they maintain their professionalism and always strive to improve their company’s assets in terms of upgrading their videography equipment both (hardware/software) and their valuable stage crew that has the experience and expertise in hosting a hybrid event. 

In the live streaming industry where competitions are tough and brutal. It is the survival of the fittest and based on my experience. There are not many hybrid events companies in Singapore that can survive for more than three years in the market. The reason is due to the fact these companies have to constantly find ways to innovate and compete with their competitors. This means that they have to invest in their time to learn the latest trend in live streaming production multicamera webcast or interactive live webinar platforms and even invest a significant sum of money to upgrade their studio to a 3D virtual studio set. This will include investments to purchase the latest technology of videography equipment such as a 4K or 8K camera, stage microphone with high audio quality, and specialize computer software for 3D virtual effects. Not to mention the hiring of graphic specialists and animators to create the CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) effects for virtual live streaming events.   

Other than the financial investment in live streaming technology and employee’s skill set. Top Hybrid event companies also have to be efficient in their marketing and customer service roles. These departments often work hand in hand with the production team to handle the client’s inquiries and various issues relating to the hybrid event’s requirement for their client.

A strong marketing team will send a clear message on what kind of services provided to their potential customers in the market and a good customer service team need to handle any queries and work well with the event planner to avoid any misunderstanding that may occur before, during or after the hybrid event.  

Ultimately, a professional Hybrid event company will establish a clear, transparent communication channel with their clients as it will help them to interact and engage with their clients professionally. Allowing their client to understand how their hybrid event is created and justify the production fee to host the hybrid event according to the client’s requirement.