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Running Live Webinar Services with Professional Live Streaming Service

Currently, in the market, there are many types of live streaming services available for companies and business owners for business or marketing reasons. Out of all these platforms, live webinar services one of the popular services as companies can use them to host their business seminars, conferences, or workshops just to name a few.

A live webinar is defined as an online event where one or more speakers will deliver a live presentation to the targeted audience online who in turn will use the available online tools during the webinar to interact with the speakers during the Q&A sessions, submitting their feedbacks or responding to polls during the webinar event.

One thing to note that a live webinar is different from other online meeting platforms like Zoom or Skype as these platforms are meant for a small group of people to conduct meetings in real-time. A live webinar is also different from traditional streaming media like the video which does not give the audience any options to engage with the video content.

Live webinars are most commonly used for video presentations, online workshops, talk shows online lectures which are interactive and allows the host speakers and the attendees to share their knowledge on the virtual platform.

There are many benefits in using a live webinar to host live streaming events as you do not need to find a large venue to host the event as all you need is a studio set and production crew to assist you in hosting and broadcasting the event to the target audience online.

Most live webinars are classified in these few main categories and purposes as explained below.

· Educational – These types of webinars are commonly used by industry or academia experts to present and showcase their knowledge.

· Products or Services – It is used to promote new products or services from the hosting company for advertisement purposes.

· Employee training – These webinars come in the form of a workshop to train employees in new skillsets to upgrade their knowledge in their profession.

· Lead generation – It is a new form of marketing tactic where the host company can get new leads when they sign up for the webinar event and used it to convert them to a new customer.

· Customer retention – Live webinars are good for branding and help to foster a better relationship with the current customers by allowing them to feedback and answer their questions during the webinar event.

Unlike other live streaming services, hosting a live webinar requires relevant video and audio equipment both hardware/software and an indoor studio set for the production. This is why most companies and business owners will hire professional video studio agencies like Spring Forest Studio in Singapore to assist them in hosting the event.

To know more about how a professional live streaming company can assist you in hosting a live webinar event. You can contact Spring Forest Studio to assist you in setting up the live streaming events based on your event’s requirements.