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3D Studio Live Webinar Fundamentals Explained.

As the Coronavirus is still raging on since 2020, many businesses are more or less adapted to the situation and have started to depend more on online communication for their daily business operations. This includes local or overseas conferences, logistics, or other related matters.

At the same time, it also created high demands for professional video studio agencies like Spring Forest Studio whereby many companies in Singapore have engaged to create live streaming events like live webinars, news conferences, and other online marketing events.

When it comes to Live Webinar online event, companies are given the options to be more creative in terms of the theme setting and using 3D Virtual studio as the production stage to include stunning CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) animations or 3D graphics which the presenter can showcase their company’s products or services to the targeted audience.

Before I continue to explain the process of 3D Studio Live Webinar, it is good to have a basic understanding of what is Live webinar and 3D virtual studio first.

In short, a live webinar is an online seminar that uses studio sets with actual host speakers where he or she will do their presentation or conduct a meeting that will be a live stream and connect to multiple online participants in which they will use their laptops or mobile device to connect and login to the website link to view, listen and communicate to the host speakers via the virtual platform.

The benefits of using a live webinar as compared to a physical event are the fact that the organizer will save more time and money as there is no need to rent a venue and incurred another logistic cost for meals and accommodations if they need to invite business participants from other countries for the conference event.

This compared to Live webinar is a big difference as the invited participants whether local or overseas only need to connect to the Live streaming webinar event using their laptops or mobile devices in any location as long as the internet connection is strong enough to support the online event streaming.

With better innovation, many professional video studio house like Spring Forest Studio has adapted to the new technology trend on 3D Virtual studio production and started to recommend innovative ways to make Live Webinar events to be more engaging to the targeted audience and more beneficial to their corporate clients.

While the agenda is still the same as compared to a normal Live Webinar event, using 3D Virtual Studio to create Live Webinars adds more CGI and 3D virtual effects to the live audience as the host speakers can showcase the topics in virtual or 3D videos and images that is easily created by the 3D graphic specialist using the green screen background on the 3D Virtual studio where the host speakers are station and these specialists will match and synchronize the timing of the event’s schedule to maximize the 3D virtual effect and make it more appealing and interesting to the targeted audience who are watching and interacting with the host during the Live Webinar streaming event.

For your information, Live webinars that are created in a 3D virtual studio environment are usually called “Interactive Live Audience Webinar” as such webinar event will involve more time and effort to create and the live participants have more options and opportunities to participate in groups activities such as online voting and can see other participant’s profile during the live streaming event.

Although there are many professional video studio companies in Singapore, Spring Forest Studio is one of the few Professional video agencies that has the facilities, experience, and technology to assist your company in creating Live webinars in the 3D virtual studio environment.

Book a meeting with us and find out what Spring Forest Studio can do to achieve your objective and cater to your Live Webinar requirements.