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Green screen studio Singapore No Further a Mystery

Green screen studio Singapore No Further a Mystery

Blockbuster movies have come a long from traditional filmmaking to digital filming where movie producers do not need to travel to specific locations to film their movies. Since they have the option to use a production studio that comes with a green screen setting in the background to create video content or images to simulate as virtual background for the actors to perform.

Due to its popularity and usefulness, green screen studios are often used as the production stage to create live streaming events for live webinars, news broadcasts, indoor variety shows, and even private events like church events, wedding hosting and the list goes on.

To explain in a technical way, green screens are used primarily for inserting a virtual background in a motion picture sequence or photographic images where the actors will perform in the studio.

There are many creative ways to use the green screen technology as the visual effect specialist can use computer software to change the green screen background and insert 3D images or CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) effects in the studio.

A more technical explanation of green screen technology is that it is using chroma-key compositing technique by using the layering of two different images based on their chroma range and the computer software will start to isolate and render the green color to be transparent to allow the other image to show through.

Although it is possible to paint the background with green color for the same effect. There is still a big difference as compared to the industry standard green screen fabric or specialize chroma key green paint that is commonly used in studio set production for movie making or live streaming events.

The main reason for using green color for the virtual effect is because that green color can easily separate itself from the human skin tone during the production which makes it easy for the visual effect specialist to merge the human actor to the virtual background. This is unless the actor or performer is wearing green shirts or pants as it will render the clothing to be invisible in the video footage.

Lighting is also an important element during the production in a green screen studio as uneven lighting or any areas of shadow in the green screen studio will comprise the virtual images or video footage. This is the reason why you will see the actors standing or performing in the center of the studio stage instead of leaning near the green screen.

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