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Top Guidelines of Live streaming platform Singapore

This article comes with the purpose to share my past working experience in hosting live streaming events, and I sincerely hope that it will benefit those business owners or entrepreneurs who want to host live streaming events for business or marketing events.

When it comes to live streaming platforms, there are many types of services available in the market which you are used to hosting virtual events based in real-time. Whether you are using it for work reasons such as hosting online webinars to conduct meetings with your business clients or work colleagues. Or hosting private online events such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, and other social events. Live streaming platforms allow you to communicate and conduct presentations with your target audience via the internet without the need to rent venues and meet them personally. Especially in this pandemic situation when everybody is afraid of getting affected by the deadly coronavirus.

Studies and statistics have also shown that nowadays more people are using live streaming channels to get information of their interest or simply as a tool for their entertainment such as live streaming sports events, variety shows, or news broadcasting.

Thus, it is not surprising that more companies are willing to invest more in this live streaming technology to promote their brands or business communications. Although it is possible to host live streaming events by yourself such as Zoom webinars, online workshops, product or service promotions using social media platforms like Facebook Live or YouTube Live. It is usually more suitable for events that target a smaller group of online audiences.

For Live streaming events that are required to cater large audience online, companies or event organizers should hire professional video studio agencies that have the relevant experience and the expertise in hosting live streaming events. By outsourcing to these professionals, they can advise you what kind of services is more suitable for your virtual events. Clients will also have the option to choose various services such as Interactive Live Webinars, Multicamera Event Webcast service, green screen studio service, 3D Virtual Studio set production service, and much more.

Hiring professional video studio agencies also helps companies to earn valuable experience in event planning. Not to mention that the client can be assured that their live streaming event is executed successfully as the video studio in charge of the virtual event will ensure that there are no technical errors or other related issues that will disrupt the event during the streaming.

In Singapore, Spring Forest Studio is one of the few video studio companies that have the ability and capacity to assist their clients in producing successful Live Streaming events as they are very experienced and has a strong team of stage crew who are experts in live streaming events. You can give Spring Forest studio a call to see how they can assist you.