Why Conduct Webinars in Green Screen Studio in Singapore

LiveWebinar.TV – Streaming Your Message To China

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has disrupted the economy throughout the world. It has forced every business to change its standard operating procedure for communicating with clients, customers, and even inter-company. No longer can someone travel or visit with clients in person, visit factories, attend conferences, training seminars, new product rollouts, or even go to sales meetings. If a company hasn’t started using the internet to communicate and get its message out, it is time to “up your game”.

Live Webinar.TV offers video broadcasting and live event streaming brought to Singapore that offers Live Webinar Services in Singapore. The services are available to overseas clients like Malaysia and China using platforms like IBM Cloud Video for local live streaming and VHall Live Streaming Platform to stream into and out of China without the worry of the walls of privacy. Also, Webinar in Green Screen for your direction for a seminar or video event.

Live Webinar.TV offers Green Screen Studio in Singapore answers for customers by using the in-house studio and green screen background to show pictures or videos as a background for Webinars in Green Screen, town hall meetings, or even conference meetings. The studio is 400 square feet with full meeting room facilities and furniture including projection capability. Being able to stream live events through China and Malaysia in a Green Screen Studio Environment enables companies to conduct presentations, meetings, even training seminars without the expense and difficulty of traveling to remote locations.

The Green Screen Studio in Singapore can be used for sales meetings and conferences can be held with the entire organization virtually attending rather than having to go to each sales office for separate meetings or bring everyone to your location. This would be large cost savings over the expense of multiple people traveling to multiple places. It is possible to have more people involved in the meeting than would be if it had to be held in multiple places settings.

Live Event Broadcasting can be done with 1 to 24 cameras with professional direction to cover all angles and directions. You can send your broadcast to any or all of the social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and others. The broadcast can be streamed to China seamlessly to multiple broadcast sites at the same time. Now is the time to think about how your message is getting out and being able to pinpoint your audiences rather than recording a message and leaving it on a website. Is there a better way to get your message to the Chinese market?

Additional webinars can be held in the studio or your facility and be live-streamed. This works very well for training sessions, corporate announcements, product rollouts, and anything that has one source broadcasting to a wide audience utilizing the Webinar in Green Screen studio The studio can also be leased or rented out for a company run their production or sub-lent as the need arises.
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