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Top Hybrid event company Secrets

Frankly speaking, the so called “Secrets” that attributed to any companies in the world regardless of any service or product provided to the market demand is the way how the management runs the company and how they do their marketing to attract clients to engage their service or buy their products.

Since this article is purely focus on Top Hybrid event company like Spring Forest Studio in Singapore, I will use Spring Forest studio as a Good example to elaborate how such company are to survive the current Coronavirus pandemic situation, how they managed to attract some of the top organisations in Singapore to use their live streaming production services and most importantly, how they are able to maintain their professionalism and consistently strive to improve their company’s asset both in equipment (hardware/software) and their valuable production crew in order to compete with their competitors in Singapore.

First of all, it is important to know that many entrepreneurs or company’s founder will tell you that their secret in running a company is their “Success formula” in how they manage the company well enough to either expand their business or invest more in their company to procure more valuable talents or technology to work for them and earn more revenue in the long run.

This “Success formula” also applies to Top Hybrid event company that need to handle many aspects in their line of business. From learning new trends of Live streaming production like 3D virtual studio or Interactive Live Webinar that requires the company to upgrade their video studio set and invest in the necessary audio and video equipment, specialize software and the business owner may even to hire animator or graphic specialist to handle the virtual production for the virtual event.

But just monetary investment in technology and employee’s skillset is only one part of the
secrets that attributed to the success to become a Top Hybrid event company.
The management will also need to handle the marketing and the customer service aspect.
For the marketing part, they will need to spend a time and money to advertise their service both online and offline. While the online marketing may be easier as the company owner just need to hire a Good digital marketing agency to handle their marketing campaign. The offline part is more challenging as the marketing team and even the business owner will need to do a lot of networking in the beginning to source out for potential clients to use their services and valuable business partners for project collaborations which is a common practice in the media industry.

When it comes to customer service for a Hybrid event company, the operations or marketing department will need to create a clear, transparent communication channel to their clients. As it will serve with a strong purpose to engage the client in a professional manner, allow them to understand how the live streaming production works for their event and why they need to pay this amount of money to fulfil their event’s requirement.

I will personally believe that as long as the business owner fulfills all the requirements as mentioned earlier, it will make their company be successful in the competitive and profit-making in the long term.