Covid-19 in Singapore, Business turn to Live Webinar

Four Tips On How To Produce A Great Webinar Series For Your Company Brand


As more cases of the COVID-19 virus come in, the need for social distancing and protecting yourself becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. A lot of people are stuck indoors. That poses a problem for many who still need to conduct business as usual.

As we indicated in the last blog, many business people are stuck in China and Singapore right now. There is not much to do there. However, a business does need to go on(in some way).

That is why many are turning to the idea of using some kind of live webinar Singapore series to help promote their products.

Remember that in business, you are not just selling a product, your business is a product(if that makes sense). A pandemic does not wait around. You might already be considering doing a live webinar Singapore series.

In keeping with this strategy, we have some tips to help you better prepare for your COVID19 Singapore series. These tips will help you get the most from your customers and still get some business accomplished despite the circumstances.

The Covid19 Singapore Webinar Series: Tips and Tricks To Bring The Best Value To Your Customers.

1) You have to rehearse what you say and do. This is a performance( of sorts). You are performing to your audience, even if it is just a virtual blog. Most companies do not get the chance to do a run-through before the production starts.

The circumstances have changed now. You have nothing but time when you are stuck at home or an office in China or Singapore. Some of you might have traveled to China or Singapore for business and are unable to get back home right now.

That is the thing about pandemics. They do not care who you are and what you do. You now have the chance to rehearse before you start doing your live feed. Rehearsal is key if you want the production to go well.

2) Some people just do a live feed and call it a day. That is not going to do you any favors right now. Your customers need to hear from you now more than ever if you are in position to talk to them. That is why the live feed is important to add with your Green Screen Studio Live Webinar Singapore Series.

What also makes sense is to hold a question and answer session after your Green Screen Studio Live Webinar Singapore Series. Customers need assurance that things will carry on for your product line for as long as they can. They need that reassurance especially with more businesses closing down for the short-term.

The best way you can alleviate those concerns is to extend a question and answer period after your product promotion.

Interaction is key especially during this time of uncertainty(even if from a distance).

3) You also need to choose the right provider for your live feed( Green Screen Studios and IBM Cloud).

The right provider is going to give you the best feed. It is similar to choosing the right employees. No business is going to survive if they hire the wrong person.

4) One final tip is to use the right crew with the proper gear. Doing a live feed is not as simple as recording your session and press upload. There is a lot more that goes into a live feed. You need the right lighting. You need the right sound equipment.

Planning is key for a good live feed. What makes this time extra special is that you are providing products and services to your customers who cannot come to see you right now. Right now, the live feed is one of the only tools you have at your disposal to keep business operating as usual(as much as you can).

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