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Detailed Notes On hybrid event Singapore

When it comes to Live streaming events, there are many types of live streaming services and platforms available on the market for business, marketing, educational or personal purposes. Events like business conference, online workshops, product promotional webcast, wedding receptions or online lesson is just a few examples that are common nowadays.

But there is another alternative for big business events like Townhall meetings, AGM (Annual General Meeting), or live music concerts which the event organizers will prefer to use the hybrid event as the live streaming platform to broadcast the events to their target audience.

Hybrid events, in short, is a mixture of live physical and virtual events that cater to both attendees in the actual location and online audience who can use their laptops, smartphones or tablet to participate and watch the event concurrently at the same time. 

There are many benefits in using hybrid platforms to live stream big events as it is more interactive and engaging than any video contents as it gives the audience an opportunity to be involved in the event itself such a voicing their opinions, casting their polls, and give feedbacks online without the need to travel to the actual location to attend the event.   

Other benefits in hosting a hybrid event include the ability to increase the attendance rate, better interaction, and engagement with both live and online audience alike, more opportunities to get sponsorships, help to reduce environmental cost, reduction in travel costs such as hotel accommodations and flight tickets for VIP guest, ability to broadcast the event to social media platforms for marketing reasons, helps to improve ROI (Return Of Investments), online features to gather useful data for networking purpose, more flexibility in event planning and most importantly, companies can host hybrid events that follow the government’s COVID-19 policy in event planning in recent times.   

The main function and purpose of hosting a hybrid event are that it is a form of technology that helps to combine and integrate to facilitate human interaction and participation for both live and virtual audiences by providing a unique visual experience that caters to the attendees and online audience in a viewer-friendly way. 

However, hosting a hybrid event is not an easy task even for experienced event planners as they need to put a lot of effort and time to ensure that both the live attendees and virtual audience will be benefited from the event. Not to mention the time and resources spent to coordinate between the production crew in charge of live streaming the event, the event personals, and other issues related to the event.

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