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3D Virtual Set Productions

With the advancement in digital technology, variety shows, movies and even news broadcast have evolved to such the extent that you can see CGI graphics or animations that are display in the background with the actors or host speaker all at the same time.

But this type of studio production can be only achieved by a few Professional Studio production house in Singapore like Spring Forest Studio who have the latest technology, expertise and the necessary equipment to create these unique but professional video content that can be live stream in real time.

A simple explanation for 3D virtual Studio set is that it is an interactive television studio that allows real people (Actors, TV host, News Anchor) and other objects (production sets) to conduct their presentation in computer generated and three-dimensional environment.

This is usually done by using 4K camera to navigate in 3D space which at the same time will render the image of the virtual camera from the same angle. Which means that the virtual scene can adapt to multiple camera settings like pan, angle, zoom traveling during the live production using the green screen as the image background.

As Compared to traditional production of Chromakey, which is done by removing the original background from the subject of photo images and video, 3D virtual studio production allows more options and themes to be selected for the event.

Although 3D virtual studio do not need post-production since it can be done in
real-time. It will require experience graphic artist who are specialize in 3D computer graphics create the virtual environment with single or multiple graphics appearing in the scene during the production.

It is also worth mentioning that most if not all studio production house will use common techniques such as Camera tracking, Realtime rendering software and video mixer that requires a high level of expertise and experience to create a
three-dimensional virtual studio environment that is based in real time rendering.

This is also the reason why clients will need to spend more on the production fees to professional studio house to create 3D virtual production for their live streaming event.

In Spring Forest Studio, we not only have the capability and expertise to help our clients to host online events such as new product launch, online-training, interviews, announcements etc.

We will work with you along the process and help you to create a suitable virtual platform to match your business or personal requirements the moment you enter our in-house studio in Singapore.

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Multi-camera Events & Webcast Service

Since 2017, Spring Forest Studio has service many of our clients from SMEs to Global MNC in Singapore. From our portfolio page, you can see why that we can easily cater to your live webcast event requirements.

Most business owners or marketing executives will have a basic understanding that the quality of video and audio input during the production can influence the outcome of audience participation, viewership and even branding impact. Thus, it is important to have a reliable and experience video production house that not only have the best and latest video and audio equipment but also a virtual studio set that can catered to different themes and other project requirements as and when needed.

This is especially important for “Active Video” which the event will be live stream in real time and there is absolutely No room for technical errors during the production.

Spring Forest Studio used IBM cloud video webcasting platform which provides multiple functions, high grade cameras that are capable to stream in 4K resolution in multiple angles and cellar hardware that can bond multiple sets of 4G modems to provide internet Wi-Fi and LAN connections for indoor or outdoor locations with limited internet access.

This with the combination of experienced crews and directors whom are specialized in
Multi-camera Events Webcast Services. You can be assured that Spring forest Studio will not only manage your live webcast events efficiently and effectively but also assist you to save cost and increase your brand in the market via online media.

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Interactive Live Audience Webinar

Also known as Virtual Live Audience, Interactive Live Audience Webinar is the latest version of live webinar which has become very popular in social media and is the upcoming digital trend where the host speaker can easily communicated with thousands or even millions of live audience across the globe based in real time.

A good example will be the latest online event hosted by Tony Robbins | Unleash the Power Within VIRTUAL Event.

What sets apart Interactive Live Audience Webinar from other webinar’s production is the fact that during the Live Audience Webinar, each and every participant of the online audience group can use their smart devices or laptop to connect and stream into the background screen that is either high resolution LED wall or green screen.

This easily allows the speaker to host and easily interact with his/her live audience in the stage, conduct presentation and Q&A sessions with the selected participant in a “face-to-face” conversation that is similar to video conference but to a much larger virtual audience.

During the event, it is usually presented as miniature live video format in the stage front and projected in a large screen of the studio which the presenter can see them easily and the same goes to the live audience. The best part of Interactive Live Audience Webinar is the invited participants can also see the entire audience and the live event all at the same time.

In some events, public members are allowed to view the Interactive Live Audience Webinar in real time as the event host wants to use the social media platform to increase their branding or more awareness according to the event’s agenda.

For many years, Spring Forest Studio has proven and satisfied their clients to produce the Top-quality live webinar events. To keep up with the trend, we have invested in getting the best equipment both hardware and software to help our clients in creating Interactive Live Audience Webinar and bring their business to the next level.

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Live Streaming to China via Vhall

China is now one of the richest nations in the world that has the largest E-commerce network and trade relations not only with ASEAN countries but also with other countries globally.

With their strong bilateral investments with many companies both SMEs and MNC, it is not surprising that many companies in China and abroad are adapting to Live streaming technologies to improve online business communication and commerce in B2B and B2C.

This is where the technology concept of Virtual Hall (Vhall in short) comes in handy as it easily benefits foreign and local companies by establishing a strong Business relationship and communication with China.

Other benefits of using Vhall includes making live events easy to manage, able to reach larger audiences globally using the best scalable methods, offering rich and engaging interaction among speakers and the employees and many more.

By engaging our Live streaming services, Spring Forest Studio can include features like:

 Non-ads, private channel

 Premium China Network

 Real-time monitoring

 Password/Embedded Link

 No VPN required

Spring Forest Studio will guide you step by step throughout the process of conducting Vhall live streaming events so as to give you a head start in achieving your business objectives.

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Virtual AGM Live Streaming Service

AGM is known as Annual General Meeting which is vital for all business that is operating in Singapore as part of the business protocol set by ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Reporting Authority). The aim and purpose of AGM is to provide company shareholders annual report of the company’s finances and discuss on the future growth of the company.

In the past, companies will rent venues to conduct annual AGM meetings, but since the COVID-19 pandemic situation started in 2019, more and more companies has started to live stream their AGM events and hired video production house to set up Virtual AGM live streaming services instead of the physical event.

There are many benefits of using the Virtual AGM live streaming services to conduct their annual AGM meetings and it allows invited participants to engage with host speakers online regardless of any location and it also adhere to the safety measures of COVID-19 regulations set by the Singapore government.

Spring Forest Studio will be your best choice to assist you in Virtual AGM Live Streaming service as we have the latest video and audio equipment, relevant experience and a strong crew of production expertise to ensure that your Virtual AGM meetings will go smooth and efficient. Providing you the best value for engaging us.

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