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3D Studio Live Webinar – An Overview

In this current COVID-19 pandemic situation. There are many companies, business owners, educational institutions, and even government agencies using live streaming platforms and services to communicate and convey information to the mass public or target group of audience. Especially in live webinar’s platform where the audience can easily use their mobile devices such as laptops or smartphones to watch or participate in the live webinar events that are based in real-time.   

Industry experts have noticed that the demand for live webinar services is getting higher since the coronavirus outbreak due to government restrictions in international travel, live event hosting, and social gathering to control the spread of the deadly virus that affects many people’s health and livelihood around the world.

Most people by now will know the purpose of a Live webinar is to create an online communication portal and serves as a platform for the host speaker to conduct his or her presentation online, engaging the audience and interact with them on the event’s topic in a virtual environment. 

By doing so, hosting a Live webinar allows both the host speaker and the online participants to conduct the seminar or meeting safely. Since Live webinars are hosted in a virtual environment. It also saves the time and expense for the participants or the host speaker to travel to the designated venue to attend the event. This is especially the case for events that are held overseas. 

With the advancement in technology, it is possible to host Live webinar events that come with 3D virtual effects using the green screen background which the animators and the graphic designers can integrate and replace the green screen background with special CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) effects based in a 3D environment. This means that the viewer can see virtual effects and animations in the stage background during the Live webinar event when the host speaker is doing presentations.

Whether you are using Live webinars for online lessons, attending online work seminars, or getting information on important government announcements online. There is no doubt that Live webinars benefit private or public organizations in many ways.

First of all, hosting live webinars is a great method to increase lead generation as the event organizer can easily gather valuable information when people signup to register for the webinar event. Hosting Live webinar events also helps companies to increase their brand awareness and recognition since there are many platforms available in social media to promote the Live webinar event and increase viewership even after the webinar event is over.

 Compared to the actual event, it is easier for the host speaker to interact with the participants online as there are available features that allow the participants to talk to the speaker, give comments or feedbacks online during the webinar event with the need to travel and attend the event physically. It is useful for content marketing for the hosting companies as people can write reviews or blogs to share and discuss the topics that are presented in the Live webinar event. 

The best part of hosting a Live webinar event is the potential to reach a larger audience online to watch the webinar event which people from any part of the world can watch or participate in the virtual event.

If you need a professional video studio company to assist you in hosting a Live webinar event in a 3D studio. You can always call Spring Forest Studio in Singapore who has the ability and experience to help you in creating the webinar event for business or personal reasons.