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The Best Side of live streaming studio rental

Nowadays, there are many companies and individuals who have realized the benefits of using live streaming services for their business, marketing, or personal reasons. Especially in this COVID-19 pandemic a situation where governments around the world have a strict policy in social gathering and prohibit the hosting of physical live events such as trade conventions and roadshows to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the community.

The main reason why live streaming services are so popular is the fact that it has helped many businesses that use live streaming events to connect with their targeted audience on a deeper level without any concern of the current COVID-19 situation and rental of physical location. Using live streaming services also helps companies and individuals to share their events, promoting their company’s brand, educational, or entertainment purposes.

Although it is possible to use the available software to host live streaming events using the smartphone or video cam to film and broadcast the streaming event.

It is usually limited to small events such as talk shows, marketing promotion using social media platforms like YouTube Live and Facebook Live. This DIY method is often used by small business owners or Vloggers as they have a limited budget to host such events.

However, corporate events such as business seminars, conferences, online workshops will require an actual live streaming studio as the venue and a team of professional stage crews to assist in hosting live streaming events on behalf. Rental of a live streaming studio the set also ensures that you will get high-quality streaming video content as it is often difficult to live stream with a free live streaming platform or using your servers.

This is where a live streaming studio can assist since they have efficient IT infrastructure and CDN (Content Delivery Network) to create high-quality video content during the broadcast. CDN also helps to broadcast and distribute the video content to the target audience without clogging the server’s network and database.

Renting a live streaming studio also give you the flexibility to create live streaming events that include animations, 3D images, and live chat features that can make your streaming event more engaging and interactive to your audience. Not to mention the operational support as you can hire experience stage crews and producers to assist you with the available stage camera, microphone, and specialized software to host the live streaming event according to your requirement.

While many video studio companies can offer the rental of the live streaming studio that is available in their office. The price for the rental usually depends on the service packages but the good news is most of the video studio companies I know in Singapore will do their best in accommodating to their client’s needs and provide the most suitable services at a reasonable price to rent and host live streaming events.

If you want to know more about the price package and the live streaming services available for private or commercial reasons. Give Spring Forest Studio a call and they will be glad to assist you.