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Zoom Live Webinar for Dummies

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in late 2019, many governments around the world have implemented strict policies to restrict any live events to host in physical venues. Although it is understandable as a social gathering in such events will increase the possibility of spreading the coronavirus to the community. Many business and social events are badly disrupted which event organizers have to seek other alternatives to reach out to their target audience.

This is where live streaming services such as Zoom Webinars come in. Although the concept of Live Webinars is not new in the market. Demands for live streaming platforms are escalating in this current situation as it is the only way for companies and no-profit organizations to broadcast their message or promote branding to their target audience online without the need to host the physical event.

The reason why live streaming platforms like Zoom webinar are popular in many countries is that webinars bring is easier to set up, has the ability to cater to a large group of audience for the event, it is cost and time effective and brings convenience to the host the audience since they can attend the webinar online at the comfort of their home or office using their laptop or smartphone.

It also benefits many industry leaders and government bodies by using Zoom Webinars to share their business insights and provide information to the general public as and when necessary. 

Although there are many brands that have similar features and cloud platforms to host Live webinar events. Zoom platform is considered to be one of the most popular as it is deemed to be very user-friendly and has good features such as the ability to share screen, providing video and audio content in high-definition quality, able to do recording and transcripts, collaboration tools that are built-in, ability to streamline calendaring, spotlighting functions where the viewer can see the host speakers and other participants in the screen background during the webinar event, team chat functions and has good security systems for private webinar events.  

Although Zoom webinars are good and efficient in hosting live webinar events online. There are certain limitations and may not be suitable for webinar events that target large groups of the audience online. Thus, it is advisable to hire professional video studio agencies like Spring Forest Studio in Singapore that has the capability to host large live streaming events and even offer their client additional features such as virtual or 3D effects in the background during the event.

If you need a professional video studio company to assist you in hosting a Live webinar event in a 3D studio. Give Spring Forest Studio a call to assist you in setting up the live streaming events of your requirement.