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Top Latest Five Live webinar, live webinar services Urban news

Nowadays, many business owners and marketers are using Live webinars to promote their business or selling products online. Especially in this coronavirus climate where physical events are restricted and e-commerce platform business is booming. Compared to other methods of commercial advertising such as roadshows, billboard advertisements, television and radio commercials. Live webinars are more effective and useful for promoting brands as it is proven that live webinars are highly informative and easily attract audiences online using social media as the platform.

Hosting live webinars are also useful for business communication where companies can host their business seminars, workshops, conference meeting in the live streaming platform and broadcast to the attendees without the need for them to physically travel to the designated location to attend the meeting. This not only saves time and money but is also suitable in the current situation where international travel is restricted in most countries including Singapore.

In this article, I will introduce the Top Five types of Live webinars that are popular and highly sought after for work or personal reasons by most people.

Number One – eLearning Webinars

It is one of the most popular types of webinars that are proven to be very useful for students and working adults to pursue their education or upgrading their skillsets. eLearning webinars usually come in Live streaming or on-demand platforms which is convenient for students and working adults to accommodate and plan their schedule to attend the live webinars in the comfort of their home.

Using eLearning webinars is proven to be very useful and effective since students need to study at home and working adults are required to work from home as part of the safety measures implemented by the government to control the COVID-19. But the main reason for its popularity is that eLearning webinar helps to save time and money since you can attend the lessons online without the need to travel to the school or learning academy.

Number Two – Thought Leadership Webinars

These types of webinars are used by industry experts who want to showcase their skills and share their business insights to the target audience in the same industry. Thought Leadership Webinars have many benefits as it helps to establish themselves as industry experts, the ability to generate high-quality lead and increase their network using this webinar as the platform.

Thought Leadership Webinars cover topics and discussions such as the current business trend and developments in the specific industry and how it can affect the economy as a whole. The best part of such webinars is that the host can conduct webinars in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to cater to different groups of audiences online.

Companies can also use Thought Leadership Webinars to promote their product or service to potential customers and serves as a sales funnel for lead generation.

Number Three – Product Demonstration Webinars

Product Demonstration Webinars are considered to be one of the most efficient ways to launch a new product or service demonstration especially on social media platforms like YouTube Live or Facebook Live. It also provides an opportunity to engage the audience by visually explaining why this product or service can solve their problems in certain scenarios.

Product Demonstration Webinars also help to give a good impression and differentiate your products or service from your competitors who are using conventional methods in an advertisement. Comparing to a product demonstration video, this type of webinar allows the audience to ask questions or share their feedback during the webinar which helps to improve interaction and engagement which in turn increases the odds of them purchasing the products or service in return.

Number Four – Corporate Communication Webinars

Corporate Communication Webinars are meant for companies who wish to have an online platform to communicate with their employees on topics that is related to internal company matters. It is very useful for big corporations or companies that have overseas branches and webinars can help companies to engage with their overseas employees with ease.

Companies can also use Corporate Communication Webinars to broadcast live business events and invited employees to attend the virtual events when necessary and it can be used to gather feedback and answer their questions during the webinar event.

Number Five – Panelist Discussion Webinars

These types of webinars are more common in the media where you can see industry experts or professionals in a group discussion on a topic that is related to a specific industry.

 Panelist Discussion Webinars usually have a moderator who will host and showcase their business background on these types of informative events on the regular basis.

During the Panelist Discussion Webinars, the attendees will have the opportunity to have Q&A sessions and interact with the panelist based in real-time which makes the webinar to be more engaging than a business documentary. Although many other types of the webinar are popular and engaging, these five types of the webinar are considered to be widely used in the corporate world.